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Classic Skiing at Sovereign!! All groups

Sovereign will be open tomorrow so all groups will be travelling there for practice.  Classic skiing.  Plan to arrive by 9:30am to give time to grip wax your skis and pick up your passes.  Follow the link on the home page of this website to pre-order passes at the group rate before 9pm Friday.  You will need to bring a cheque for the exact amount owing by your family to give to our volunteer ticket distributor.

Expect cold temperatures around -10 C tomorrow at Sovereign and dress appropriately.  At least the waxing should be easy!  

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Larch Hills 9 am - Practice + Take Back the Hills

9am start for practice followed by trail clearing work at Larch Hills.  Bring appropriate clothing, gloves and tools.  Groups will practice from 9-10:15 and then meet at the chalet to get directions on trail clearing work.  Work will finish around 11:30am for the younger groups and11:45am for the midgets and older.

Pee Wees:  Please make sure that each child has clippers of some sort with their name on it.  If a child does not have a pair of clippers to use, they get bored.  Also make sure they have gloves or mitts. We will be doing a running activity to start with so bring running shoes.  Boots, change of socks, and warmer jacket may be required if it is muddy or wet before starting the trail clearing.  Please bring a small snack for a break at 10 am.


1. You have to get up early! 9am start at the LH Chalet for practice followed by trail clearing work. 

2. Bring appropriate clothing, gloves and tools.It will be cool in the morning so come prepared (layered), and wear runners for fun trail running first thing, you may want to switch to rubber boots afterwards for trail clearing work. For trail clearing tools, see if you can borrow a pair of your parent's clippers.

3. We will run from 9:00-10:15 and then meet at the chalet to get directions on trail clearing work.  Work will finish around 11:30am

The work we do will help get the trails ready for an early season!

Bantam Coaches

Midgets: Running followed by trail clearing. Bring ski striding poles and work gloves.  You will be dragging branches off Ermine Frolic Loop.

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King's Christian school 9 am

Practice at King's Christian school followed by the ski swap in the gym.  9 am start time.  Ski Swap at 11am.  Volunteers needed for the swap.  Contact Cam Brown.  Proceeds of the swap go to the LH ski team.

Pee Wees:  Please bring ski striding poles. Also we will be having a T-ball game and any parents that would like to join in are welcome. The game will start at 10:00 am in the South Broadview School field.

Bantams: Pace run #2

Juveniles: Bring hill-bounding poles

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Dryland - Moved to Canoe Beach

Park in the Canoe Beach lot.  The bantams will be rollerskiing in the parking lot so probably best to park in the angled parking spots.

Juveniles+: Classic roller skiing.  Bring running shoes too.  [And, please bring your skate roller skis to share with the other groups who don't all have roller skis to use.]

Midgets: Bring ski striding poles and running shoes.

Bantams: Bantams will be roller skiing and running. Bring running shoes, ski boots, skate poles, helmet, high vis vest, water.

Pee Wees:  We will be doing a relay race with 2 kids on each team.  The teams will be made up based on which kids will be attending. Each child will run and bike each section.  Helmets are required.  Please email Mike Chubey: and let him know whether your child will be attending by Tuesday October 10 and if they have a bicycle.  We may be able to have a team share a bicycle if need be.

We will need parent help.

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